Ten years of continuous daily drawing!

Today I posted a drawing that was number 3651 in a series of daily drawings that I started on 4th August 2012. Here’s drawing number one in the series, a dead tree.

You can see from the labelling that I had planned to make a daily drawing for one year, but a few months in I realised that drawing had become part of my daily routine and I would be unlikely to stop when I reached the one year milestone.

As always this milestone has come and gone without any real occasion as they always creep up on me. Today I posted a drawing that will, I hope, lead to a collagraph print.

Last night when I realised what day it would be the next day I checked the numbering and had to make some corrections from January onwards when I discovered I’d skipped ahead by 10 one day and 2 another day.

Making a drawing every day has led me to seek out other people who draw and make art to learn from and make art with including Urbansketchers. I first took part in urbansketching on 2nd August 2014 in London and as time went on urbansketching become a large part of my drawing practice – the drawing I posted yesterday was made with Urbansketchers Northampton.

First experience of Urbansketchers 2nd August 2014

During this period I’ve also taken part in the Sketchbook Circle and this has also supported and inspired me by introducing me to my sketchbook partners, collaborative working and new friends. Over time my exploration of digital tools in art has developed. This was often part of my job but also part of my personal approach to art. This year for the first time my participation in the sketchbook circle is in the digital version.

For the digital sketchbook circle

I’ve also enjoyed sharing drawing and drawing ideas on social media. When I started I was posting to this blog and over the years this extended to my artist Facebook page, my Twitter account and latest of all my Instagram account. Taking part in #drawingaugust on Twitter was great because it meant that I had lots of company and inspiration for others for a month. I’ve also enjoyed coming across others who are making a drawing every day for a defined period or indefinitely.

#drawingaugust 2021

I’m not going to stop yet – although the big dilemma is when will I stop?

About jeandrawingaday

I am a printmaker and artist, a teacher and author, a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Northampton.
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9 Responses to Ten years of continuous daily drawing!

  1. anna says:

    only stop when you physically cannot hold i pen/pencil! i enjoy your daily drawing in my email (can’t remember when i first signed up for it – maybe in a lockdown). my daily practice is writing/journalling, always has been – except when the stroke hit and i couldn’t read, write, sit up…. so yes, keep going, keep posting – it’s inspiring 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    Hi Jean,
    I have switched in to your drawing pretty much every day and from wherever I have been around the world. I have enjoyed sharing your work with others and discussing your talent. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next ten years!
    With kind regards

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and how your practice of drawing expanded and evolved from that first intention to draw once a day for a year! Glad to hear you don’t know when you will stop, because I enjoy your posts, thank you!

  4. Marts says:

    Wow, I’ve enjoyed all of them, thanks for sharing… Beautiful art…

  5. That’s great. I started following you 9 years ago. Sorry I missed the first year! Keep up the good works.

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