31st March 2018


Day 2 of a 3 day collagraph course at Leicester Print Workshop


On the morning of the second day of the bank holiday collagraph course Charles showed us a way of mono printing without a press. First we rolled black oil paint onto an acetate sheet with a roller. We worked onto the surface using a rag to wipe with and tools to draw with. When we’d finished we placed a sheet of Five Seasons paper over the sheet and rubbed over it by hand and rolled over it with a hand roller. The next layer was made by rolling a colour onto another acetate sheet. This time the ink was thinned printmaking ink. Again we wiped and drew and in order to let this layer interact with the other we placed the yellow sheet over the black acetate that we had printed from. As I worked I needed to bear in mind that anything removed might be revealing the paper colour or the yellow ink from the acetate. Edges could have been wiped more cleanly. In order to register the fullsizeoutput_1569print, less of an issue here because I hadn’t really paid much attention to neat edges, I placed the yellow acetate face down onto the black print and then flipped it to roll over the back again. Its a great way to make a one off print using accessible materials. I went on to make the elephant print above using the colour overlaps more consciously. Both these prints are a bit larger than A4.

For the rest of the day we returned to making collagraphs, refining and building upon YbbS4nQJSRy0JVQGBLAxtwour learning from yesterday. The board we’re using is easy to cut so it lends itself to making prints from pieces and cutting into the board. When doing this Charles also introduced to the idea of cutting the edges of the card so it is bevelled – this is quite difficult at first but with practice does get easier. I made some pieces using the techniques from yesterday and also adding textured paper. Its also possible to add carborundum powder which holds the ink to make a dark tone. Charles demonstrated how to ink the pieces up both intaglio and surface rolling. I realised that its possible to use shapes with little or no marking on them as part of this inking stage and use the qualities of the roller to add colour and pattern. Tomorrow I’ll find out what I can do with the shapes above!



About jeandrawingaday

I am a printmaker and artist, a teacher and author, a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Northampton.
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