21st October 2017


At lo-fi printmaking from the life model, a London Drawing course.

We began with some life drawing focusing on large blocks of tone so get us thinking about how to use this as an approach to printmaking. We then used polystyrene plates, trimmed to a rectangular shape, as the plate, drawing into this with a fine wooden stick. We printed with waterbased ink. I had think differently about drawing from the model when working straight onto a print block. Its possible to draw some quite fine marks even on this surface.

Next we moved on to using fun foam, cutting this into shapes with scissors and also drawing into it. This allowed for inking up the pieces in different colours and then putting them back together to take a print from. I enjoyed this most I think.

In the after noon we had a go at making a link blaock and printing from it, based on another pose from life. This was much harder in terms of time, physical wear and tear on my hands and challenge of how unforgiving of mistakes the lino surface is. The pose was hard in that both the model’s hands were prominent in the pose too! I liked how it’s easy to cut the Lino, getting away from straight edges and using different colours on different pieces.

The day was enjoyable and challenging. Adding the working live from an model element to printmaking is a great idea and really  forced us all to work quickly and intensively. David is an encouraging and knowledgeable tutor, demonstrating and sharing his knowledge and experience throughout the day. The group was a perfect size and there were lots of varied results that we could each learn from.

I wonder if it’s possible to apply this approach to urbansketching.

About jeandrawingaday

I am a printmaker and artist, a teacher and author, a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Northampton.
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