19th May 2016


A remembered view of Leicestershire fields

Brushes Redux

About jeandrawingaday

I am a printmaker and artist, a teacher and author, a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Northampton.
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7 Responses to 19th May 2016

  1. Just wondering where the fields were, they look familiar! Not near the Langtons by any chance? Lovely drawing 😀

  2. Dermot FitzGerald says:

    Hi Jean,
    I seem to remember this view too, I used to live in Kettering about 10 years ago, I worked in Leicester and I have relatives in Welford, so it’s quite possible I might have driven by the view perhaps?. I’m a photographer, so I’m usually on the look out for interesting views. I’ve been inspired by your blog, and have been taking a look at your drawings over the last few months. I used to live in Kettering on Windmill Avenue quite close to the park, so I recognised your drawings of Wicksteed park a while ago, and there’s been a few others that looked strangely familiar.
    Last year I took some night classes in drawing and loved it, I studied ‘O’ level art many years ago and my teacher wanted me to go on to do ‘A’ level at the time, I hadn’t really done any drawing since then, so it was great to get back into it. (I ended up doing science & maths A levels, and doing a degree in mechanical engineering at uni.) If I went back in time now, I think I’d go straight to art college instead!
    Anyway, since the night class ended I’ve found it difficult to keep drawing regularly, although I always do enjoy it when I actually do some. It’s my 50th birthday today, (20th May) so I’m going to try and start doing a drawing a day myself, even if its just a little practice sketch, I’ll see how I get on, now that I’ve told you, and anyone else who reads this, I’m probably more likely to keep at it !!
    Thanks for the inspiration, and keep up the good work!
    Best regards,

    • Thanks for your comments, Dermot. I so often see interesting views when there’s no time to stop or nowhere to pull over so I tried to remember fragments of views.
      Thanks for looking at my blog – it’s been a bit patchy lately as I was having some vision problems so I’ve lost momentum a bit. But everything is ok now. I do wish I’d gone to art college too – I went as far as Art A level. You’re right about of you say it you have to do it – that’s how all this started on 4th August 2012, my 49th birthday. The idea was to do it for a year up til I was 50 but then I didn’t stop.
      I’ve found urban sketching a really good way of keeping up my drawing and learning from people – more here http://urbansketchers-london.blogspot.co.uk/p/urban-sketcher-groups-in-uk.html
      We have a group on a Tuesday evening in and around Northampton where around 5 or so people meet somewhere and draw. Here’s a link to our blog: https://drawingoutsidenorthants.wordpress.com
      Feel free to come along if you ever want to. Next week is a bit of a blip as its Wednesday. But all the rest of the times its Tuesday.

  3. Dermot FitzGerald says:

    Hi Jean,
    Thanks very much for sending the links, I’m actually living in Ireland at the moment, but I’m planning a move back to the UK later in the year so one of the urban sketchers groups would be very interesting, and help me to get into the drawing habit again, and meet a few like minded folk. I should get back to Northamptonshire at some point too, so I’ll let you know, I might be able to make it along one day.. I’ve done a bit of life drawing too, but I need some serious sketchbook practice with figures, their anatomy and faces! From my background in photography, I know a bit about some of the Adobe software (photoshop & lightroom), but I just finished another night class recently in graphic design, so I got to learn Adobe illustrator which is an amazing piece of software. I’m having great fun at the moment, hand sketching a few illustrations, scanning them and then re-working them on the computer with the vector graphics drawing in illustrator, I’m using a Wacom tablet and a stylus, so I can draw directly on the computer in illustrator as well. Would love to get a iPad pro, I downloaded the tayasui sketches app for my iPhone, but I think the screen is just a bit too small to draw on properly. Anyway, starting to ramble a bit now..
    Thanks again for getting back to me.

    • Oh yes, life drawing is so challenging – I used to do it weekly but the class I went to stopped. Your work with the computer sounds interesting – I just use a few apps to play with. I imagine Ireland is full of great places to draw!

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