#DrawingAugust in Northampton

Throughout August I have been part of a great Twitter initiative masterminded by Jean Stevens (@JeanStevens4) and Dean Lewis (@olderThanevil) – many artists (around 213) have tweeted a drawing every day throughout August! Ian Gordon Craig (@IanGordonCraig) has helped so much by adding drawings to a Pinterest board which you can see here – http://pinterest.com/dukeryboy/drawing-august/

This morning six of us contributing to #Drawing August in Northamptonshire met in Abington Park to make our final drawing. From left to right here’s Kardi (@kardisom), me (@JeanEd70), Willy (@WillyGilder), Minnie (@ProjectDogwalk) and Spike, Dave (@DaveBarrow3) and Jo (@JoJoPalm22).

2013-08-31 11.43.10

Seeing drawings appear throughout the day and night on Twitter, tracking down new ones from the Pinterest board and coming across new artists has been so exciting. Having a little window into the artistic life of so many people is truly inspiring and my own quest to make and post a drawing every day on this blog has been enhanced enormously by feeling that I have company!

This morning we talked about how wonderful it has been to encounter artists from around the world; how its made us think about what to draw and the materials we use and how it has opened our eyes to the sheer variety of drawing out there. We got the chance to look at some of each other’s drawings – surprised sometimes by how big or small they were! We hope to go on and work together, perhaps exhibiting our work somewhere…

Minnie is exhibiting her work as part of Northamptonshire Open Studios at Creative Connections, Market Walk, NN1 2DP – the preview is on Thursday 5th Sept from 6 til 8pm.

Kardi is exhibiting her work at The Wine Connection, 11 Derngate, NN1 1TY – the preview is on Friday 13th Sept from 6 til 8pm.

I can see from tweets that lots of #DrawingAugust artists are also getting ready to exhibit – I wish you all good luck and hope to keep in touch with you and your art. I’m already looking forward to #PaintSeptember !

About jeandrawingaday

I am a printmaker and artist, a teacher and author, a senior lecturer in the School of Education at The University of Northampton.
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3 Responses to #DrawingAugust in Northampton

  1. Jo says:

    Well done to you all. It’s been so interesting to see the drawings throughout the month. There is so much talent out there!

  2. What a lovely photo and post. I absolutely agree that drawing August has been a brilliant way of connecting with artists from all over the world.

  3. I agree! DrawingAugust has made the month of August so very special. It was wonderful to connect with such talented creatives on a daily basis and to be able to share and view the larger and smaller productions, each unique in their own magnificent way. Also, a big thank you for this lovely post!

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