Art Education

As well as making my own art I’ve a huge interest in the learning and teaching of art in schools. I was a primary school teacher for nearly twenty years and most of the time I was also an art co-ordinator. I was on the art working group during The Dearing Review of the National Curriculum many years ago!

2013-02-04 14.43.36In 2012 my book ‘Teaching Primary Art’ was published by Pearson. It is a practical handbook for people who teach art and support pupils in art lessons. It was inspired by a HLTA Art Specialism course that I taught in Northampton, Leicester and Derbyshire to support HLTAs who often found themselves teaching art in PPA time. It is aimed at the non-specialist who wants to support learning in art or teach art.

Over the last few years I have taken part in some NSEAD projects. I’ve kept a record of these on my art education based blog called well as posting some of my writing on this blog on the page called ‘Writing about Drawing’ (see above).

In my work as Senior Lecturer in the School of Education I am taking part in a project called Northampton Inspire which explored the place of the arts in STEM subjects. You can see more about this here Northampton Inspire


2014 ‘Inspired by digital’ article in AD magazine Issue 11

2013 ‘Close Encounters’ article in Springboard Stories magazine Issue 8 Woodlands (with Georgina Hand)

2013 Inspiring drawing through digital collaboration. Presentation at #TMWBORO

2013 ‘#DrawingAugust’ a blog post published on The Big Draw blog

2013 ‘The Drawing Theatre’ a blog post published on the London Drawing blog

2013 ‘Teaching Primary Art’ a book published by Pearson

2009  ‘Who is teaching art in primary schools?’ Article in A’N’D the NSEAD magazine – Issue 33

2007  ‘Making a Link with your Local Gallery’ Article in A’N’D the NSEAD magazine –   Issue 22





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